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Blog Launch: As I Plan for India....

on Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Originally posted: 27 September 2012

A constructive mid-life crisis after a decade and a half of work in the Global Corporate world has resulted in my setting up a consulting practice that focuses on helping organizations deliver on their promise - whether it be helping clarify vision, define strategic options, drive innovation and support all of that with a strong foundation of talent, organization and culture. The journey through the the corridors of the consulting clients and companies I have worked with have surprisingly delivered some common needs and concerns - and my hope through this blog is to engage around some of these issues so we can push the thinking forward on some of them.
As I prepare for my trip to India, I have been talking to some of the movers and shakers - I expected to hear that CEOs were concerned about Innovation, Globalization, India's competitive edge over China...but no -- consistently, they talked about Talent. I plan to focus my time in India engaging with CEOs on the following capability spaces - what do you think?
Based on my work to date, Center10 helps build Strategic Talent Systems across emerging and developed market companies:
  • Having the strategic conversations: Where is your world now, and where is it headed?
  • Identifying critical capability gaps based on near term, medium and long term growth strategies of companies
  • Building a talent development culture, simple process and mindset within the company
  • Encouraging organizations to prepare for the unexpected
  • Implementing talent acquisition strategies, pipeline development and succession planning
  • Facilitating talent sessions at Division and C-levels to drive candid conversations and to achieve strategy/innovation/execution goals
Develop Strategic and Innovation Capability in your leadership through joint visioning and strategy, and establishing inclusive team dynamics
  • Do your leadership interactions bring out the best in your team, and address the company’s current and future needs?
  • Does your culture and systems allow for innovation, Growth and Opportunity Development?
Executive Coaching around Strategic Frameworks and Personal Insight: Yourself as Enterprise ™
  • Providing coaching and frameworks so individuals can use the same tools and approaches companies use to set themselves up for success
  • Looking at yourself as a dynamic combination of capabilities, skills, affect and preferences/ psychological drivers – what industry and culture will bring out the best in you?


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