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A Stark Ilustration of the Pace of Innovation: And Why It's OK that the eReader is dead

on Friday, December 14, 2012
The eReader is dead, long live the eReader...the Book is dead, long live the book.

Source: SAI Business Insider Chart of the Day

I remember being hugely excited when I first heard about e-Ink around 2000. I tried to get Cominsky on an Innovation Panel I was setting up for a client, but got no response. I wished him luck, nonetheless. It was just such a cool concept and invention, it felt like Sci-Fi (I imagined my window reminding me to buy milk, etc. - oh wait, my iPhone does that now.)

Fast forward to Mother's Day 2010, and the family gives me the first of my kindles. I proceed to work through three of them in the next three years as the pressure of managing more than the 250 books that I power through (I download about 1000 pieces, including newspapers, and books I don't spend time on or put off for later.) Now, those who bemoan the death of the book, I encourage them to consider the fact that while the paper book may have been hit, reading itself received a fillip, certainly in my household!

What I loved about Amazon's approach to the kindle was that almost as soon as they'd started producing and shipping their physical product, they'd also created their killer app...literally, the app - the kindle app. How cool is that? A behemoth, that knows how to be agile.

Lessons to take away?
  • The core capability and value you bring to the world (reading, and the associated sale of content) should be the focus of any business
  • Killing your cool new product isn't such an awful thing, don't get attached!
  • ...and by the way, that works for individuals too!


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