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Social Media Done Right: Barnes & Noble Customer Response

on Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yesterday, on a casual Saturday afternoon stroll, the kids and I popped into the 82nd Street B&N store in NYC. As they browsed the fiction aisles, I decided to pick up a few biographies - many great writers and statesmen have talked about the impact of biographies in the evolution of their thinking and what kinda mom would I be if I didn't give the kids the opportunity to learn from the greats?

Well, I first looked, then peered, then knelt down and rifled through the shelves. One copy of Eleanor Roosevelt's biography was on the second shelf. This among about 50 bios of great men. I couldn't resist the urge to nudge B&N - a snapshot and tweet later, I reconciled myself to having done something, but with little expectation for a response. I admit, I did find one more book, on Joan of Arc, after I hit send on the tweet.

In less than 24 hours - on a Sunday morning no less - B&N responded.

How lovely! This is social media and customer service done right. I look forward to wandering into the store soon and seeing some more biographies: Marie Curie, Indira Gandhi, Sally Ride, perhaps? Who else would you recommend kids should be reading about?

As my husband, Sree Sreenivasan, teaches business leaders, social media is a platform for LISTENING not just BROADCASTING.


roopaonline said...

From Sabrina Bala in Texas via Linkedin: "Thanks for sharing:-) Here are a few that come to mind: Georgia O'Keefe Eleanor Roosevelt Mother Teresa Anne Frank Helen Keller Vijayalakshmi Pundit Maya Lin"

Sree Sreenivasan said...

Well done! Will use this in my classes...

- @sree, proud hubby

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