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Think eco-smart when gifting this holiday season

on Monday, December 13, 2021


I'm hoping my friends and family will accept my decision this year to switch to a more eco-smart gifting approach. One way to reduce waste, of course, is to NOT gift - maybe just hand some cash over for essentials! But that could result in some disappointment....

So here are a few of my strategies for this holiday season.

Share memories in exo-friendly material, like these products from Paper Culture. The personalized memory cards are cute.

For the grandparents and relatives, we've made some nice collages from Canvas people. Quick tip: sign up for their newsletter, since they run some fabulous deals all year round.

And now, my personal favorite, that almost-new Chanel scarf and Hermes bracelet from The RealReal. The consumer and fashion victim in you can thrive, while still limiting the waste in the system. Win-win!

You can also try other auction sites like Housing Works - but it will take some patience and persistence to get the item you want. 



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